Sunday, December 5, 2010


This is Medina, Sada City and we just drove by. Am hoping in the next few days I can get out and see something. One of the women and another man have offered to show me some things after we are done with training in the late afternoon. And I will be going to see a newspaper here...should be fascinating.I visited with my teams at their papers in Rwanda and like there, these are 3 and 5 man/women groups. Small but passionate. We were discussing competitive thinking and she wanted to know if it is OK to compete and do unethical things? I suggested that might not be a good way to go.

Training appears to be going well. Although, I almost called Hani this morning to see if he could do the whole morning session himself. I was up all night with the pukes and the trots. As it turned out, Hani sent me a note around 9:30 a.m. and said he wouldn't be coming down...he is very ill. Hoping we are over this all by tomorrow.
Abdulkareem, also known as Flat Stanley was talking with my ladies today. Come to find out, they have a character like him but called Hamvala. Ham-va-la. Safiya, the lady with the blue scarf showed me her necklace with Hamvala on it. He has no face but he does good deeds.
Weather here is lovely...very cold in the night and early morning and warms up during mid-day. However, this is a very very dry cold and every time I blow my nose, I have nose bleeds. And I have developed a dry cough. Drinking a lot of water. NO liquor stores here but one may buy a glass of wine at some restaurants. I haven't even tried...just feeling punk.


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