Friday, March 29, 2013

Fort McAllister, Georgia

 Fort McAllister is just south of Savannah and an interesting fort with an interesting history. This massive earthwork was erected by the Confederate Army to protect Savannah and the rice and cotton plantations that bordered the Ogeechee Ricer. This fort withstood at least seven naval attacks made by the north, including withstanding the largest guns used by the Union Naval forces.
 The whole fort was created land berms. Impossible to see the fighters and the placement of the cannons was also strategically designed. The center huge berm was the hospital and was called the "Central Bombproof" area and is where the soldiers would be sheltered during a bombardment. Munitions and supplies were also kept below ground.
 The sallys and the munitions were also kept below ground.
 And while it looks like there is a moat around the whole fort, it is filled with huge poles to impale attacking forces.
I thought I would take a photo of us together so folks would know that we really were on vacation together. We are so often travelling apart. This was a chilly but sunfilled day. We had planned to go to Sapelo Island but we figured we would wait for a warmer day to do that trip.
Richard thought it interesting that some of the rifles were sighted to hit as far as 900 yards away...2700 feet, which he could not imagine. This photo below shows where the naval ships would have entered the Ogeechee and where the Confederate soldiers would have stood at the ready.

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