Monday, March 25, 2013

The South...gotta love it

Cultural differences amuse me…we are in the good ole US of A and yet…things are so different in so many ways. For example…yesterday, I met a lady out walking her dog. Nancy and I hit it off and I was mentioning that our neighbor, Bud had just gotten out of the Marines and had been here visiting us. She asked where he had been stationed and I told her Albany…she said, “Albany, NY?”  I said, “No, Albany, Ga.” She laughed and said, “No…that is Al-bee-knee. You aren’t pronouncing it correctly!

And when we talked about where to go to eat, she suggested that we try MudCats which we had heard about before. As we talked, she asked, “if y’all imbibe spirits?” After I answered in the affirmative, she said to talk with Carrie, the bartender, and tell her that Nancy sent us. Then, we should order our drink, saying we wanted a MudCat Special. That would be whatever we wanted to drink but served in a large 16 oz Styrofoam cup. Cost is the same as if we had ordered the usual, say gin and tonic in a small glass….but larger! “Locals know how to order here,” she said. So, tonight, we are going to go out and meet Carrie and “Sample the blackened grouper…which is REAL grouper. Not the fake fish you get up north.”

I must admit, when Nancy asked if we imbibe spirits, I did have a momentary vision of our breathing in ethereal spirit figures which would make us much more powerful and energetic. The language is fun here.

Signs here are fascinating. I love the Biblical verse that is on the front of an electric sign in front of a nasty used car business…the back of the board says, “Repent.” The front changes daily and there is no sign indicating cars are for sale, nor is there an indication of cost of the vehicles. Guess you just know…if you are a local. And then, after dinner at MudCat Charlies tonight, we went to check out the condos nearby. The speed limit? 11 miles per hour on the road sign. Don’t think I ever saw a sign for 11 mph anywhere.
I mentioned in an earlier blog that Bud, our Florida neighbor and marine came to visit. While here, he and Richard went kayaking and caught some trout.When Bud arrived, this is how he looked! Way handsome. He had just come from an interview with The Southern Company, a company in which we own stock! Hoping he gets a job offer from them.

The Saturday after St. Patrick's Day, Shellman Bluff had a St. Paddy's Day celebration with floats and all kinds of stuff for sale. Think...week after the actual date for the celebration??? And I loved this judge's booth...bribe us?

We decided to not stay for the event for a couple of reasons, including the fact that we didn't have a golf cart. Golf carts are apparently required and what is critical is that it is loaded on the back of one's pick up and off loaded. No less than six people in each golf cart either. And the other reason we didn't stay was that the sky opened up into a torrential downpour. We had seen enough in any event. 10 a.m. and the green beer was everywhere...any day is a good day for a celebration, right?

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