Sunday, March 3, 2013

Darien, Georgia

We have rented a place in South Georgia for two months and here are a few photos to show you what the place looks like. Though it is chilly, we are getting out to explore a bit. The owner's mother actually did much of the tile work herself. The  home is very open with a beautiful view and tons of windows which let in the sunshine...something I have been missing in Michigan.

 There are two bedrooms with a connecting bath downstairs and the kitchen, living area, dining room and huge master bedroom/bath is upstairs. There is a lift chair up to the second floor, for those who need help navigating the steep steps. The second floor is where most of the daily living occurs. We have an open air deck and a screened in porch which looks out onto the marsh and the Tidal river. Could not ask for a more beautiful and serene location to vacation.
This is the master bedroom and bath...we have a shower/toilet area to the far right and a huge whirlpool tub in the center of the room. There is also a pull out sofa across from the bed and under a huge window. Today, we bought some scented bubble bath and we are going to grab a drink and snuggle up into the whirlpool bath. I KNOW...way too much info!!
My sister and brother in law arrive tomorrow and warning to all you drive down Mission Drive, there are these huge trees in the middle of the road. Drive slowly and carefully. A large vehicle could hit some of the lower hanging branches on a couple of these stupendous Spanish moss draped trees! And the road, though two way is very narrow indeed.

We are slowly investigating the area which is filled with historical sites, forts, and wildlife refuges which support hunting, hiking and fishing activities.
Much to see and do here...oh, the big grocery store chain is the Piggly Wiggly which I have shopped in before. However...what these stores carry or don't is quite amusing. For instance, one may buy smoked turkey wings or necks, but not the legs I like to use in my lumpy soups. But, there are all types of hog parts for sale...both smoked or not. And this is the land of liver...all types of animal liver for sale here. Tongue, heart, livers are also available. There are hundreds of seafood shops everywhere and we need to ask which are reputable. Shrimp, oysters and more...soon!  I have forgotten what living in the south is like and am fondly reminded of my time in Chesapeake, Virginia which was city, not rural like here in Darien.
I wanted to get a roaster chicken to stuff for dinner tomorrow. Ended up hitting two Piggly Wiggly stores today. I asked one butcher and one woman purchasing beef IF anyone had roaster chickens bigger than a cornish hen. These are NOT cornish hens but tiny. Answer....this is how chicken is down here. So, bought two and hoping they will feed the four of us.

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