Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Darien, S. Georgia

 It is a tough vacation, but someone has to suffer and it is I! This is a typical sunset off of our higher deck...we have three deck levels here. The lowest is for fishing and boating, the middle for sitting and bird watching and the highest? For whatever one feels like doing. Grilling. Sitting. Bird or dolphin watching. Sunset viewing. Whatever...it is perfect!
 Darien is a shrimping community and here are a line of shrimp boats at the downtown marina. Smells horrid...but the shrimp, fresh daily are spectacularly lovely. Bought some yesterday from a man sitting at a gas station that the neighbor highly recommends. Lynn and I approached the pick up truck and noticed the man was napping. We walked on to check out the shrimp boats and then, went back and woke him up. We bought two pounds of shrimp...heads already off.

What's not to like about this view?

Boats of all types and sizes here. Our plan today is to figure out how to access fresh oysters and how to capture some ourselves. Richard got a fishing license, good for a year but it doesn't cover shrimp. Appears to cover bivalves though. We shall check with the neighbor. Willie and Phyllis, his wife, are the caretakers of the house we are renting.

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