Monday, March 11, 2013

Fort King George

 Until 1736, Fort King George was the most southern British outpost in North America. This reproduction fort, while interesting, is no competition for Fort Michilimackinac in the UP of Michigan. Can't wait til my grandkids get here and visit this site again so I can hear what they think about the difference between the two. Or if they even notice any differences.
 This bunk house was it slept 100 men but, in such close quarters.


 The iron work shed must have been larger originally. Hardly seemed functional. They apparently do very few re-enactments here which is sad. Living history is so much more fun.
One of the living areas, with tables and hard straightback chairs. The ladder going upstairs had round rungs and looked difficult to climb.
This fireplace was huge and I was reminded about how food and spices were stored in these barrels. Ned checked out a few of the small cannons...oddly enough, there were no huge cannons on site. Wondering if those came later or if the smaller just were here because it was a small fort replica??? Inquiring minds want to know...sadly, I didn't think of cannon size while on site. Next time.

The area of the fort was fairly large and it ended up that Ned couldn't walk it. So, I went in search of a wheel chair and a nice young man, Jason, brought me back to Ned, Linda and Richard in a golf cart which he then taught me to drive and left with us. We checked out the soldiers' cemetary and the gift shop and left.

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