Sunday, March 10, 2013

Jekyll Island

Here is a typical tree hanging with Spanish Moss that we see everywhere. Love the trees and the limbs. So gorgeous.

We went over to Jekyll Island on Saturday because there was a published art festival and since Linda is an artist, I thought she would enjoy the event. This was NOT ArtFest Fort Myers! We anticipated a huge gathering of artists and attendees...this area is very affluent. This was the band that was playing and while there were some unusual paintings, the event was mostly about pottery. Bought some Christmas gifts and enjoyed getting out...missed seeing great art.
 This painting made us laugh. This is a horse's ass for a head...sorry the photo is so bad. Linda mentioned to another guy looking at this that though interesting...what would be most fun and traumatic would be to be gifted this painting. What would the sender be saying to you??
Naturally, we stopped at the fishing pier and Lynn and I hopped over to the beach. Loved this piece of tree washed ashore. Shortly after walking by here, Lynn took quite a fall. She wasn't watching for tree knees popping up out of the sand. She bounced nicely but is still hurting...not good to fall on your knee!

 The gates to Jekyll Island.
No clue who these folks are but I took this as we walked toward the windy, hard packed beach. As we came back, the man was returning from his car with a blankie...he was freezing. Maybe 65 out, but a brisk wind blowing. The woman said she was here for a week and was returning the next day to a snowstorm in Pennsylvania. She was going to get a tan...even if she froze doing it!

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