Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Mt. Pacaya....the day we lost Logan

We decided to take the hike up Pacaya as a group but my knee pooped out and I just couldn't do it...so I came back down the mountain to wait for the kids. Logan had thrown up earlier but ascended with Kenz, Addison and the guide. He later threw up and the guide told him to sit and await their return or walk down the path to wait for me.

Instead, after feeling a bit better, Logan joined another tour group with no communication with anyone. When the guide and kids returned, without Logan, all hell broke out. The police/rangers were called and no one had seen or talked to him so a no holds barred search began. The police, our guide, our driver and other rangers began calling on their radios, charged around and up the mountain and after 45 minutes they located him up at the top of the volcano, now, apparently too weak to walk down and needing a horse. So, I was asked if I would pay for a horse. I did.

Two and a half hours after we could have left and at nightfall, he finally came down. The guide had stayed because he was sure he was going to lose his job. We had another student with us who also was held up...I ended up paying for the horse and a bunch of tips and for drinks for all the rescue workers so Logan owes me about $60.

His story...differs. He said a cop told him it was safer if he joined another group. Hmmm...how was that going to happen? He doesn't know Spanish and this is out in the boondocks of Guate. And the rangers told Hector, our driver and me, that they had seen no tall white teenager alone.

Anyway, he was located but ruined an entire evening for everyone. We were not amused that someone with no language, no experience, no survival skills would not follow directions and Kenz was there to hear the directions. Won't ever happen again.

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