Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The poor...ant the lessons learned

It was quite common to see people sleeping in the noisy streets...this was early morning and as the poor go, these men were fairly clean. We were on our way to Las Recoleciones that morning.
We had several interesting situations with the poor...while waiting for Logan to come off the mountain, some very dirty, nasty young boys appeared, begging and not for money. They wanted food. So, I tore up my sandwiches and so did Kenz and we gave these kids our dinner. I assumed Addie had eaten hers because she didn't offer to share with these kids...and later that night, she threw her sandwich away. Kenz and I were upset at the waste. This is another cemetary and these are graves for the poor children who died at a public cemetary outside of Antigua. The open holes are where the bones have been removed and thrown away because the families could not pay the $13. per year fee...after three years, thrown out.

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