Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Diana's visit....

This snake posed for us next to this gorgeous flower while we were hiking along in Ding Darling, a nature preserve on Sanibel Island. I thought of my friend, Michelle, who would have levitated had she seen this guy so near our path.

My friend, Diana arrived a couple of days ago and I had met her while working in Kigali, Rwanda when she was teaching at a University there as a Fullbright Scholar. Because our friend, Eddie, oversaw the Fullbright Scholars as part of her US Embassy duties, I met Diana when I stayed at Eddie's gorgeous home and we became friends. You may remember Diana from our camping trip with Eddie in Akagera game park.

Diana stayed with Richard. our doggies and me for a couple of days here in Florida before moving on to interview for a job in West Palm. We went off to Matlacha to sight see and then, on to Ding Darling, a nature preserve on Sanibel where we saw these pelicans sitting on a sand bar. It was a hot day for March and these guys should have all flown northward but hadn't because the weather up north has been horrid.

Diana and I caught up, laughed and enjoyed dinner with our neighbors at our home. Again, our neighbors, TJ and his brother, Robbie and Deb and Brian helped with our dogs while we were gone...Richard stayed in Atlanta with his mom and brother and did chores, changing out some faucets and power washing the walks and the house for his mom. We both enjoyed the family time and now, we are revving up for family and friends for spring break...cannot wait.

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