Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Mini-reunion continued

Paul, the young man to the left, with his mouth full, is my cousin Lance's son. Lance is a minister and Paul is married to a youth pastor. Tommy, Christy's husband is sitting next to her with a huge grin on his face...and I am not sure what caused this huge grin at this particular moment...but laugh we did.

My cousin, Christy and her husband, Tommy drove up from Montgomery, Alabama, to join us for our mini-reunion and we gathered at the local Shoney's for yet another buffet. Tommy's mom, Nan, also lives in Huntsville and Christy's mom, my Aunt Shirley is in a nursing home.

I left Huntsville in a pouring monsoon which lasted for hours. I was stuffed and so tired of buffets. Ate more buffet food in three days than I have in thirteen years. But, had a glorious time sharing stories over mounds of fried foods. Christy's father had died a couple of months prior to this reunion so we caught up on her life and heard many "Dick Rumble" stories which made us laugh. In fact, many of the stories told during these days were humor filled and really reminded us of our roots and where we came from and how thankful we are to be where we are and with whom we are.

My cousins, Christy and Lance are the product of one of my aunts and another uncle and so the stories they told of their parents and their children were amusing. They were reminded of living in Michigan, near my family, before our grandfather and my aunt and uncle moved to Huntsville.

I had issues with my TomTom which Richard bought me for Christmas. The thing would not stay anchored on my dashboard, so I ended up duct taping it repeatedly so I could navigate from nursing home, to my Aunt Opal's apartment and then, on to my Uncle Ernie's home. It is sitting on the floor of my car and I still must figure this was a life saver so many times. Happy to have it even though the voice my son-in-law loaded, which I love, kept telling me I was an "ass wipe" for turning in the wrong direction.

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