Wednesday, March 2, 2011

McDonald's.....Antigua Style

A friend suggested that we hit McDonalds because it is so upscale. Yup, I know, an oxymoron. You know this is McDonalds because of the M in the wood carving of this fountain. This place is an architectural delight...with huge gardens, huge open spaces and NO golden arches anywhere.
Apparently, the city is trying to get a grip on code enforcement and they have begun with businesses coming in from outside the country. We went and checked out this place and then, our last day in country, we bought food...Addison couldn't believe her luck.

One of the gardens and you can see the McDonald's uniform on the person serving food to the guests. Yes, serving McDonalds. This big fountain wasn't working the first day we were there, but it was when we returned.
And really, where can one sit at McDonald's, eat food and look out over ruinas that are over 350 years old? Tranquil. Beautifully manicured. Spotlessly clean and pricing was Guatemalan.

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