Monday, February 28, 2011

Salsa and Merengue......Sexy

One of the school activities that the kids took advantage of was a salsa and merengue lesson which was gratis. Logan whined the whole day before but after the class, he wanted to take more lessons. Addie was almost as tall as some of the indiginous men, as you can see here. What was really fun is that all of the men were so welcoming to her and she was the only child there. Men were lined up in one row on one side of the room, with women opposite and they changed partners every minute or so.

Here, Logan is dancing with Juli, who just happened to be staying with Marta Julia so we were able to get to know her a bit more that evening. He danced with a number of "hotties" and he was the tallest man in the room.
The guys liked Kenz and one creepy older man made some moves she felt uncomfortable with...all in the open, no touching but just a bit creepy. See Logan in the mirror reflection dancing with another "hottie."

Logan, Kenz and Addie in their line formation. Incredibly humorous was when the instructor was telling the woman to do "sexy" and showed them how to turn, using their hands, their hair and their bodies to tell a story. You have not lived until you have seen a 7 year old model, "sexy." After the class and for days after, the kids were dancing, "sexy" at the house and Addie especially enjoyed teaching Vivi, the six year old at our house how to dance. Kenz and Logan joined in.

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