Saturday, February 19, 2011

Guatemala with the grandkids

While I waited in the airport, I sat next to this couple who were also going to Guatemala on a mission trip. I died laughing when their wine order arrived...they ordered a "flight" of red wines...three per.

We all arrived in Guatemala City and our bags also made it. Had some flight getting into Dallas/Ft. Worth to join the three grandkids coming from Detroit was going to be late and I wouldn't get in til the next day. Let's see, three kids in Guate who don't speak the language. The driver we had arranged was to be all should go OK. Had a fit and it was decided that I should hop a plan, go to Miami and then get to Guate about 20 or so minutes before the kids landed, because their flight was also late.

It worked and I went through immigration, got my bag and then, talked with security and said I wanted to exit and hang where the kids could see me the minute they came down. Very suspicious but when I told them that Addie is only seven, they rushed me to wait at the foot of the stairs. They watched me like a hawk but they were soooo wonderful. Imagine trying that in Miami?
More tomorrow.

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