Friday, February 11, 2011


Love that word and that is what this shall be...little bits of nothing that I want to share with friends and family and that I don't want to forget.
This cutie is Layne, Kristin and Pat's youngest and apparently destined to work in the newspaper industry one day.

I worked ArtFest Fort Myers all last weekend and had a ball. I saw things and heard things that just made me guffaw and chortle. An elderly lady walked by our tent, and one of the volunteers, himself tatooed and pierced, commented on her legs. Apparently the intricate vines which wrapped her legs from ankle to ? were newly tatooed. He could tell they were freshly done and we discussed why an "old lady" would do that to herself? I had NO answer but was rather impressed that she may have always wanted to do this and now, was liberated and able to not care what anyone thought. Loved it.

And then, one of the ArtFest volunteers is named Heidi and we were discussing how she hated to be called Heidi-Ho and how that embarassed her. I suggested that nothing could compare with how badly I shocked my Heidi when she and her friend, both high schoolers, were walking ahead of me in the mall. I yelled at her, saying, "Ho!" The whole mall stopped walking and turned to look at me. I genuinely did NOT know what HO meant. Heidi did and so did all the mall shoppers...imagine that I had called her, "Heidi Ho" for ages and she had never informed me that Ho was short for "whore!" Anyway, I was sharing this at lunch, with many of the other volunteers and one guy literally spewed his food outta his mouth. He was laughing soooo hard.

One of the best moments of ArtFest was seeing one of our Boys and Girls Club partner board members dressed in his logo polo shirt, raise his beer in front of our workers and those around our tent. I wanted to ask him if he understood image and marketing but I didn't. The good Teresa was working that evening!

David, a Hospice staffer shared great book with me. This book, written by Ulla Carin Lindquist tracks her life as she tried to celebrate every moment with family and friends from the day she was diagnosed with ALS until her death. Rowing without Oars is truly a fight to the death for a strong woman who realized who she was after she was no more.

I have started packing for Guatemala and have several surprises for the kids. Can't wait to see my old friend, Bill who is still working in Tegucigalpa and who will be joining us for a short side trip to Chichicastenango.

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