Friday, February 25, 2011

Marta Julia's house

We went to the home of Marta Julia, a woman I have stayed with twice before. Interestingly, we ended up staying with her daughter, Karla. Here is a photo of our travel group...minus the good looking young lady next to Logan who is also a student here at La Union and who is staying with Marta Julia. Marta invited us to come over one evening for dinner and we laughed and told the one of Alex who on his first day of language class, listed off a list of vulgar terms that he had learned during the day. Marta Julia was appalled, collected herself and then, asked again, what more he had learned. He happily told her. And this story is how Karla knew that I was the mother of this young man.

She made us horchata de very interesting rice drink which she made that evening and we had quesadillas which Addison particularly enjoyed. More coming.

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