Monday, February 28, 2011


This man sat outside of La Union, making bracelets most every afternoon. Kenz was "bracelet man's" best customer...I think she bought about 10 of his bracelet's which he could make, with a specific name woven onto the bracelet in about 10 minutes flat. When we went into the crowded indigenous marketplace, we ran into him and he grinned hugely to see us/her.

Loved this angel which we saw at Las old church, school and infirmary originally built in the mid-1700's.

There were so many precious moments during our week away and several were just started by the kids...for example: Addison was fond of saying, "My mother says you have to x,y, z." That typically was initiated by Addie's being asked to do something she didn't want to do and I suggested rather strongly that her mother wasn't in Guatemala and I was in she would do what I said and when I said it. Worked.

And then, one day, I had a blow out case of diarrheah which isn't easy to manage when there aren't fast food restaurants to quickly stop by and use. Logan, being considerate, asked me later in the day, "How is your scrotum feeling?" When I stopped laughing, I had to ask, "How did you know I had one?" He, of course, meant my rectum but we didn't let that stop us from kidding him the rest of the week.

Our driver from the school, Hector, a very nice married young father, was the source of much ribbing on the part of Logan and Kenz. They decided because I talked to him quite a bit on our tours/trips, that he was "mi amor, mi cielo." Nice guy and on the way to the airport, while talking, these two nitwitted teens laughed it up at my expense in the back seat.
And then, Addie was a bit particular about her eating. First night at dinner, she had an upset stomach so couldn't eat. 10 minutes later, she said her throat hurt, forgetting that the original issue was her stomach. She was pretty hungry the next morning. But she heard we were having French Toast the following day for breakfast and she said she didn't like that so, I asked our host mom if Addie could have cereal instead. Addie got to the table the next morning and said, "oh, good. I love French Toast. Kenz let her have it and we had no more issues with food after that.

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