Thursday, February 3, 2011

A Thursday in February....

Not much going on here in sunny SW Florida other than warmth and sunshine at a time when most of the US is inundated with snow storms and high chilling winds. I am trying to be a considerate friend and family member by NOT rubbing in how wonderful it is down here...I mean, flip flops in February isn't too wonderful, right?

I have been cleaning out my walk in clothes closet and getting a small feeling for what Richard will have to go through as he tackles garage #1. This is tedious, tiresome and I think also a tad embarrassing that I have so much that I don't even remember seeing or using much of it in years. The good news...I have enough long sleeved shirts that I can handle a spring and fall in Michigan. The bad many pair of capri pants does one woman need? I count 6 brown capris and so far, 5 black and I still have half the closet to go through.

Two of my "moms" have suggested in the last week that I turn my free time to writing. I like that idea, but I am unsure what type of writing I could tackle that anyone would want to read. Short stories or articles seem like a great idea, but topics elude me.

Leaving in two weeks for Guatemala with Logan, Kenz and Addison...oh, and also Flat Stanley, who has been renamed, "Wilfredo" by the classroom in Madison, Alabama. He will have some wonderful experiences, I am sure. Was told by my daughter that the packing suggestions I have sent the kids are for "old folks." I suggested a baseball cap and they wouldn't wear one of those. Who cares...they need something so they don't burn their blonde heads! Ya just can't win.

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