Friday, September 7, 2012

Ziplining through the rainforest

I fell short of the platform a couple of times because I was afraid I was going too fast and I didn't want to hit the platform.

 Small celebrations when you arrive well.                                                                 Not sure why Julio took the photos he did. Many are of us smiling and others have horrid grimaces.
 The trees appeared so huge and so close. Worried about hitting them, but didn't, of course.
 The Jaco Canopy tour was great...way better than the one I did with Kristin near Manuel Antonio. The guys were super professional and had a great sense of humor. And my zip lining parter, Kenzie was so supportive and encouraging. Really, a 17 year old going ziplining with her grandma? We laughed so hard and so much.
 Jorge in the orange shirt was telling us the rules and we were a group of four...Kenz, the guy to the right, his lady friend and I. The young couple were great supporters and they laughed and prayed right along with us.
 The guys neglected to tell us we had to climb a million steps which were very uneven...we had taken an ATV up to x height and then, had to climb to the pinnacle so we could launch from the highest part of the area with no roads or paths.

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