Sunday, September 2, 2012

Luis at Rainmaker, another friend

Bill suggested we visit Rainmaker, a rain forest experience near Jaco. We met Luis there and while I generally never take a tour, he had no other business. We started off alone but there were lots of "beware of snake" signs and the forest was quite dense so I thought it a good idea to have a guide. There are lots of poisonous snakes resulting in next to immediate death in Costa Rica. Luis was smart and knew where to look and for what. We would have missed so much. Here is a poison dart frog which is only poisonous after eating. Apparently, he would look different than he does here.
 This millipede was extraordinarily UGLY and huge. Again, poisonous but only if ingested.
 There were several suspension bridges, most of which I did not like. Apparently, the owner got rid of a good manager, so sayeth Luis, and hired his son to run the place. Many of the paths and bridges were rickety and had holes in them. Needless to say, these suspension bridges were in the tree tops and I kept imagining us in the ravines far below. Beautiful...but scary.
 Luis asked Kenz if she would like to try on a lizard earring but she declined. I thought I would. Lizard bites down and hangs free. Very fun.
 Another suspension bridge...see me clutching the sides? Kenz just loped worries.
 Not sure if you can see the basilisk lizard atop this rock or not. He is called locally, a Jesus Christ lizard because he "walks on water." The lizard literally races across the water on his hind legs and we saw several running this way. Very fast. Very funny.
I don't have a photo of the blue morph hoping Kenz has one which she can send to me. Beautiful...maybe four inches wide and when they land and close their wings, they are ugly brown and camoflauged. Brilliantly blue while flying.

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