Thursday, September 6, 2012


These frogs came out at night and were as large as 8 inches tall. Ugly but fun at the same time. Wonder if you can eat them?
This little lizard was not a problem...this visit, we didn't get to see the much larger lizards running around. Rainy season is NOT the time to see wildlife...guess the animals and reptiles are smart. They hunker down when it is ugly outside. Despite the rain, we had a ball.
The Oropendula is a large black bird with a gorgeous yellow tail. He makes a most obnoxious noise but his nest is very interesting. These hanging sacks in the tree below are their nests. They enter at the top and then, sink to their nest/haven at the bottom. Hard to see but they were quite a ways from where we were standing.

The crocodiles were the best. Huge and this one opened his mouth and said...FOOD!

This guy we think is called a Tayer. Looks kind of like a cross between a jaguarundi and a coatimundi. He was running across the road and the men nearby didn't know his name and we couldn't find his exact look in the animal book. He may be a raccoon relative...saw a raccoon which looks like ours while we were hiking in Manuel Antonio. This guy isn't a normal raccoon either.
We were very fortunate to see some two toed is a momma holding her baby. Very sweet.

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