Thursday, September 6, 2012

Hiking...paths less taken

Lest anyone think that we spent all of our time on well managed paths...think again. With my knee replacement only months before, I was a bit concerned that I make it through our daily adventures. We hiked up rainforest trails, through the San Angeles cloud forest (photos coming) and up Arenal's pathways. When the going got rough, Kenz always took the lead and lent her grandma a hand.

 In Arenal...we rounded a bend and saw this gorgeous waterfall.

Kenz had on her magic toe tennis shoes...each toe fits into a toe hold. These got soooo stinky that even bathing them in the shower didn't work. Stunk up her whole suitcase but they were perfect in that they didn't stay wet like my tennis shoes did.
A pretty steep lava grade. Old lava flow so pretty steady although, in places, the rocks were very slippery. The rain caused fungi and molds to grow upon the rocks...unsteady footing in many places.

 Yes, this was a "path" we walked down. Thankfully we didn't have to go up this overgrown part of Arenal.
 Steep uphill battle above. Kenz led the way and helped me slowly ascend.

Lots and lots of exposed tree roots to step or trip over. Here, Gatsby, our feral dog who accompanied us on one Arenal hike, followed me. He was mostly Kenz' times, he followed me because I had given him some jalapeno sausage stick to eat and he assumed I had more...wrong.

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