Friday, September 7, 2012

Travelling through the air on a cable...tree tops anyone?

There really is only one cable that we were connected to and which one hangs on hand over hand with gloves padded in leather. We were in a seat stirrup with our legs and waist connected to the cable and  holding us up as we whipped along the cable. The hands grip the cable and you can apply pressure to slow yourself down or move faster. Faster is good because if you don't make it to the platform, you then have to pull yourself across backwards, going hand over hand on the cable OR one of the guys will have to come rescue you.
I have done this before but these were the longest, highest ziplines that I have ever done OR that I will ever do again. I hate heights! Kenz was very adept and handled the zipping very well.

When we would get stuck a smidge short of the landing platforms which were snuggled in the treetops, Julio or Jorge would help us get closer so we could plant our feet and stand up. The platform is a circular landing pad around a tree trunk way high in the air.

Kenz and I on a platform with a million dollar view behind us.

Teresa looking scared to death.

Kenz with perfect sailing posture.

Teresa just leaving a platform and here you can get a sense of the height. Something about picking one's feet up and launching off into nowhere with a handhold and a truss holding you up. often do you think this equipment is checked by the company and the government of Costa Rica? I worried about that...but jumped out anyway. Who is stupid??

 Jorge, or George, pulling me up into a standing position when I fell short of the platform. He kept saying, "let go, I have you."
On the platform and so happy to NOT be sailing along a cable. Though the platform was sturdy, while on it, I had a serious hand grip on the cables. No way to fall but I hung on just in case.

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