Monday, October 8, 2012


Seems like eons since Kenz and I were in Costa Rica, laughing and playing around. I am back at the cottage and, just a month later, freezing my rear end off and it isn't even winter yet! Frost on the car windows this morning as I went off to the gym to exercise. Had to join the gym because I realized about two weeks ago that there was NO chance I would continue walking outdoors.

And so...I struggle with what to do and when to do it each day, knowing that the days are shortening and the weather is turning nasty. Yes, I KNOW that there are real struggles going on out daughter struggles for a healthy life that she wants badly to retake and rejoing. BUT, as someone who wants and needs to be occupied, busy and useful, figuring out how to live in a resort town, fairly dead since Labor Day is a struggle. NOT life threatening but important to me.

I am working as a substitute teacher again this year and worked four days last, I want to be busy but that approximated work and I am NOT going to work that hard at something I don't have to do. I enjoy being with the kids and the teachers and checking out how education is done these days. Am thinking that we did it more effectively and efficiently in "the old days" but not so sure I would be successful working in the conditions our educators find themselves in today.

Two evenings a week, I have been working with Weight Watchers and hoping one day to have my own group here in Caseville. I love the training work and the group I am leading in Bad Axe, about a half hour from here. Neat group of folks with interesting stories. Love that there are two women who have each lost more than 100 pounds...that is a whole person! They continue to be motivated to lead a healthier lifestyle. Makes my loss of 40 pounds seem piddly but keeping it off and maintaining takes some doing especially when I really love my red wine and my M&M peanuts.

Speaking of M&M neighbors, Cathy and Dave, gave me an M&M candy dispenser. Thought it would be a pain but loving it. I used to go get a handful of candies when I had a chocolate need and this little guy gives me 1-4 peanuts each time, depending on what he perceives my real need is or how heavy I look at the moment....not sure. Anyway, I am eating fewer of them but that is NOT to assume I am outta the woods. Evelyn, who owns the Brew Moon here in Caseville makes the world's best macaroons. I bought a dozen and froze them about six days down three right now!  See...struggling.

And I have joined a group of people who are working with some migrant women and children. The husbands work on the farms owned by these folks and their families. The goal: to teach the women English and get their kids ready for our schools. Many of their older kids are already in the school system. Their husbands leave for work, driving away and leaving the women rather isolated. So, this giving group is providing experiences, opportunities and lessons so they become part of our community. Gives me a chance to speak more Spanish, share what I love about our country and community with these women and meet new folks. And learning about farming and how they do it has been eye opening, also.

The struggle for today? Kenz handed me some yarn and knitting needles the other day and asked for a scarf. HMMMM...I used to knit sweaters for the girls when I was "poor." Think I could figure out how to knit a simple scarf? NOPE...asked Trish, our neighbor to help and I am on my way to providing my grandaughter with a cool lookin scarf. She'll be surprised.

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