Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Seizures, Sand and Silliness....

We had the whole gang up to the cottage, minus Logan and Chris, who had to work over Memorial Day weekend. Great to see all the grandkids playing together and Kenz was a trouper, helping with kids, playing, beach visits and more. Grandpa put the garden in and Kenz helped get it all done.

Alex took Heidi back to Davison after just one day...too much chaos and another seizure did her in. Sad to see her go. Kristin and Pat took the kids to the beach and out for ice cream...lots of laughing and silliness though grandma did get a bit crabby from time to time. Owen told Grandpa that he was being a brat...that is, Grandpa was being a brat! We played games, cooked out, made S'mores and in general, enjoyed catching up with each other.

Weather here is interesting...hot during the day and chillier than all get out at night. Lots of changing going on and of course, I was sooo happy. I had unlimited loads of wash to clean and tons of dishes to wash. What more could a Grandma want? Oh, we had a mini-birthday celebration for Addison after we consumed home made sausages and fried dough. Heidi missed the party, but both Chase and Kenz got gifts for their birthdays as well.

Photos coming when I get air time...cadging from the neighbors. Just got my ticket for Ethiopia which should be another interesting experience. Nothing much happening here in Caseville...will be starting the building of the house addition in the next day or so. That will be seriously annoying but the extra space is much needed.

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