Thursday, June 24, 2010

Church Ragual, Ehtiopian Orthodox

This photo is very dark...or at least, very dark with the sun shining in on my computer in my garage office here in Caseville. I am hoping you can see The Trinity: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. If it doesn't come through, scroll down because the others are much better. This photo was up near the ceiling about 45 feet above my head.
I visited this octaganal Orthodox Church, Church Ragual. I asked if this was Greek Orthodox and told, Ethiopian Orthodox which is a very large faith which actually practices very much like the Catholic Church. This building is 150 years old and they celebrate mass here every morning.

The inside of the church center...all eight sides were painted with a variety of saints, the Trinity, Jesus, and this charming fellow, the devil. Now, the church caretaker had to move a board so we could see this painting. He scares the children at mass and we had just arrived right after the service ended.

I found these paintings interesting for what they arent't more than what they are. Consider that these are painted in a rural community where everyone pretty much is black. None of their saints, their God, their devils or angels are of color. These could be painted in a church in Rome, Milan, Germany or the United States.

All of the conversations, and bubbles outlining what is occuring is in Amharic. The colors were brilliant and the paint laid on very thickly.

I will post some more photos of other sites shortly but did want to mention that I ate a couple of interesting things before I left Addis Ababa. I had some "Billtong" which is a dried meat served often with drinks. Much less chewy than the jerky Richard makes and the Billtong we bought was spiced with Jalapenos. And the other drinking treat was Kola, the seeds of a wheat plant...kinda like popcorn seeds. More coming.

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