Thursday, June 3, 2010

Memorial Day at the Cottage with the Family

McKenzie is just 15 and a huge soccer and volleyball star in Davison. She is just back from a soccer game and is sitting outside with Uncle Alex just before leaving for the cottage for the Memorial Day weekend.
Meet my family...this is Pat McNamara, Kristin's husband and father to Layne, Owen and Addison.

Uncle Alex, our youngest, is here playing catch with Chase, Heidi and Chris' youngest. Chase just turned five and he received lots of outdoor sports gifts.

Four of our six grandkids are here on the floor of our livingroom at the cottage. Layne is 6 months old; Addison was turning 7 the day after this photo was taken, and Chase and Owen had both just turned five. Serious trouble congregated in this room but, for the most part, they and Kenz, who isn't in this photo for some reason, all got along very very well.

Heidi and Kristin on the deck at the cottage. Kristin is feeding her munchkin who sleeps like the dead. A very very good baby. If you are having a third, you HAVE to get a good sleeper. They won!!

Grandpa played soccer, t-ball and more with the kids. Very fun to watch because he sure didn't do much of that with Alex!!

Kenz had her 15th birthday party with cake, ice cream, sleepover etc at home and then I made 30 cupcakes for Chase's pre-school friends for his fifth.
We had enough cake mix left over for just one more layer so I built a makeshift two layer cake...butt ugly but he had cake and ice cream with us at his home and cupcakes for his birthday with his buddies. He celebrated his fifth twice!!
Grandma is loving being around all the kids. Saw two of Kenz' soccer games and spent time with all of the kids playing games, laughing, talking, cooking and more.

Chris, Heidi's husband and Chase's dad is here helping Chase with his new t-ball birthday gift at their home in Davison. Chris couldn't come up to the cottage because besides teaching, he is a swim coach for two groups and with one income, while Heidi is recuperating, work is his priority. Missed him alot.
The whole family was together, minus Chris and Logan. Haven't heard a word from Logan since I took Kenz and him out to dinner. 16 year olds are a pain in the tuckus...we missed him and talked about him!!

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