Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Leaving for Ethiopia!!

Leaving for the Detroit airport in an hour or so...wanted to catch up. We have been having an interesting and often, fun time. As you can see, my son-in-law is having a ball handling the vacuuming here at their home. We all did a bit of cleaning the other day. Chris can and does ham it up...this morning, studly, walked down with just a towel wrapped around himself...he was grabbing his khakis and shirt for school. He irons his own clothing every morning. Now, who wouldn't smile seeing this hunk o man walking around with only a towel on??

Yesterday, I had shopping to do and on the list were tampax. Chase, my five year old grandson was with me as I was looking at all of the options which seem to have expanded since this old lady needed these items. Chase asked, "Grandma, do you put those in your butt hole?" Died laughing and so did the woman a few feet away. And then later, when I asked Chase to check both ways before crossing the street, he told me, "I did before." I suggested sometimes new cars come down the street during his absence so he'd have to look many times. He gave me a "eat shit and die" type look but he did look. It has been fun having time with him and Kenz.

Heidi has the blow up bed still up in the living room and everyone uses it. She will often just sit and recline while watching TV and you can see her get well card collection. Last night, one of her friends and former co-worker brought over three full dinners...she had heard that I was leaving and that Alex wouldn't be back for a few more days. And here are the dogs sleeping/resting together peacefully on the bed. This would NOT have happened even last Christmas. Everyone and everything are working together these days.

This is my new office! Welcome to our garage in Caseville. We have no internet connection, but the neighbors said I could steal their connection so, Richard set up the table for me. I have a jacket on because it has been sooo cold here in Michigan. The two story garage can only be described as more full than our garages in Florida. Need a boat? Come get one or two!!
So, leave for Addis Ababa shortly. A bit concerned because I haven't heard from the three properties I will be working with. Had sent questions ahead so I could have a sense of who/what they are and how they work. We shall see...another experience. More another day. Hugs to you all.

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