Saturday, May 22, 2010


This is the seizure inducing dress. Am thinking it has been made so much fun of by so many that I am now owed a NEW one to be purchased by Lois and Heidi who started the fun and games. Really, a perfectly lovely dress that cannot be ruined by anyone in any country in any type of washing machine or any type of water.

And, I haven't been wandering except between our cottage and Davison, where Heidi, her husband and kids live. Been washing, cleaning, cooking and tomorrow, I am baking a cake for McKenzie's 15th birthday and then baking 30 cupcakes for Chase who will be 5. He announced today that he was going "poop" and he had to shut the door, because he will be five. He needs his "privacy." Thought that pretty funny.

Cancelled my return flight to Jackson and found out that I will be going to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia on June 9 for about two and a half weeks. Can't that is "wandering." Much work to finalize yet for Rwanda and need that to be in DC by late tomorrow. Hoping my friend, Eddie can fly over from Kigali and join me in Addis Ababa for adventuring. Won't be going back to Rwanda for awhile and that makes me sad.
More when something is going on in my life interesting. Do wonder when Richard is coming out of the wilds of Canada...he is up there with his buddies fishing as he has done for years and years. Hoping they didn't have much snow or rain.

Talked with Rich today and we discussed the purchase Alex and I made for our marine neighbor who is stationed in Afghanistan. A story is coming soon about that...maybe an article as well and then, there will be seriously embarrassing stories which can and will be told at appropriate moments in Alex's life...hope I live to be old.

Not much to say...went to Tammy's wake, and so sad to see a friend and colleague, younger than I, buried. I am not ready to see friends and family dying. Talked today with Zee, Heidi's mother in law about our end of life plans...both don't want to live as vegetables, in pain or as a burden. Hated how my dad left us, but am so happy he did as he wished. Making plans...going to be ready. What was most important was having everyone know and understand the plans.

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