Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day

To all of the mothers who read this...Happy Mother's Day! Talked with both Kristin and Heidi this morning. Heidi is still in need of love, prayers and help. But her voice sounds stronger every day even if I hear by way of Chris and Kristin that the tremoring still continues. The girls and their husbands and kids gave me an edible arrangement of fruits which we gobbled down over the last few days. Happily, they remembered I am leaving so Mother's Day came early this year.

Today was a bit solitary and a bit quiet but actually relaxing after I got done cleaning, picking up, doing the wash and what not. Alex gave me the funniest tiny gifts....Yankee Candle smellsums for the car and two outrageous magnets for the fridge. We are at the point where we just don't need gifts but I love a good laugh.

Earlier, I went to the mall for an air conditioned power walk and while there realized that I was in the minority...meaning there were so many Spanish speaking people around. I started eavesdropping on conversations and at various points, interjected commentary and answers they had been seeking. The looks on these folks' faces as they looked at me and thought...the gringa speaks our language!

While checking out the various Hispanics, I decided to see how well I would do pegging the country s/he or they came from. In several cases, I just wasn't sure, so asked. I was 5 for 5! Now, we do have a lot of Guatemalans and Hondurans here but the indigenous facial features of the different Indian groups is quite distinctive and memorable. Loved my power walk and actually looked at a few items on sale at Macy's but just couldn't get into the shopping mode. People watching? YUP

Ate left overs for lunch and am having leftover cheese and sausage with crackers for dinner with the required and essential glass of red wine. What could be, quiet, wine, hearing a language one misses?

Richard is joining Tim for a nice dinner with mom in Atlanta tonight. He made record time getting there...apparently I need to stop to go to the bathroom too often.

Quiet day and I have to get some work done for Rwanda. Leave for MS tomorrow.

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