Monday, May 10, 2010

Back to Hay-el!!

So, the hoot for the day is this...I called to let folks know I would be getting into Jackson a bit late...maybe 15-20 minutes. It was suggested that my car be parked in a lot with the keys left in the gas tank near the cap. This car is white and I have no clue, even now, what make it is. And I couldn't imagine walking row after row of cars looking for this with my computer, my briefcase and a suitcase. Now, if the clicker worked and I could set off the alarm, maybe. So, I suggested the car be left at my apartment with the keys under the mat. The decision was that I would be met. Got in, no one in sight. So, I called and heard that "Jamie" would be picking me up. I don't know a Jamie and never met him. Not to worry...he is in my car., I see the white car coming and fortunately they left The Clarion-Ledger parking permit or I wouldn't have been able to identify Jamie. We shook hands and laughed...he had been told my flight number. Nothing else. No name. No description. No time of arrival. He circled the airport four or five times until I identified the car. Welcome back!!

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