Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Best of Times....

I am home in Ft. Myers and having a ball. Went out with our neighbors, have been walking with another neighbor and soon will be having a send off party for another neighbor who is starting a fishing/boating business in St. Thomas. And then, had dinner with a colleague last night and lunch with my old staff today. Lots of time for family, friends and volunteering.

I went to visit some of my Hospice patients and died laughing. The lady I took a photo of Chica a few months ago was alert and happy to see Chica. Judy still doesn't know MY name. I asked her where Chica's photo was and she said the staff keep putting it behind the drapes. I asked, "why?" She said, "I can't see her." To me, rather obvious. So, I moved the photo down where Judy could see it and asked if that was better. She laughed and said she can't see her. Judy told me she is blind and I had no clue. She always looks at me where ever I am in the room and she can tell, obviously, when Chica is next to her in her bed. I asked why she had wanted the photo and she said so she "could see her." I said...see Chica how? She said, "I know she is there and I can see her here." Judy touched her heart. I cried.

Met new people and then, the best story of all is how I worked the system efficiently and seemingly effectively. We have had NO movement on Alex's going to Alaska. Nothing happening and many promises made. So, wrote to Governor Crist's office, the head of probation for the State of Florida and at least ten more folks. Seems there will be some movement but in the meantime, he will have some leeway on doing some other things. More coming on this soon.

Oh, and I am thoroughly enjoying my showers...did I mention my Jackson apartment has soft water and one feels slimy after bathing? Hate it. Love our hard old Florida water.

More another day...many funny stories to tell especially about the box of treats we are sending to Afghanistan for Brian, our marine neighbor. These are almost X rated and entail shopping with Alex. Quite a hoot. and you will die laughing at what I did today with my son. Stories will be told for years to come.

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