Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas, 2011

Christmas Eve day was the time we all congregated at Heidi and Chris' home in Davison to exchange gifts, eat our hearts out with a humungous amount of special treats and family traditional dishes, including: Kristin's famous deviled eggs; Heidi's cheese pies; brussel bombs; ham, and sweet potato casserole.

I was eager to see if the outfit I bought for Owen last December in Sana'a, Yemen would fit him and fit him it did. This will be his Halloween outfit this next fall.

Gifts were opened by one and all, and mostly in an organized fashion. Alex looked mighty dapper in his red shirt and Santa hat.

We had five of our six grandkids with us at Heidi's house, including McKenzie who isn't in this photo; her brother, Chase who has his grey shirt on and his back to us and then, the three McNamara kids who were wearing their "things" shirts from Amy, Kristin's bestest friend. They were: thing 1,thing 2 and thing 3. Kristin said she needed a shirt that says, "Mother of all things" to wear when the kids wear their special shirts.

Here are Kenz, with the long hair, Alex and Addison. Pat, Kristin's husband is kinda cut off. We had an hors d'oeuvres buffet prior to the official dinner later in the afternoon. We did not go hungry. Everyone brought a dish or two to pass, making it easier on the host and hostess whose house I am sure we trashed.

Here are the "McNamara things" in front of the fireplace at Heidi and Chris' house.

Chris' mom, Zee, came over to spend some time with us and share dinner. She is mending from her recent hip replacement and I didn't realize I didn't have her in any of my family photos.

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