Sunday, December 25, 2011

Touching moments,Christmas 2011

Several years ago, I found some glitzy special Christmas boxes and began a family tradition of sending something special and significant from the giver to another family member, along with a note of just why this particular gift is so special and important. This year, Owen, Kristin and Pat's six year old, had the box and gave his Uncle Alex his special home made pillow that he has had for several years. He gave it to Alex to take back to Alaska with him to remember him by and to snuggle with. Note the silver box on Alex's lap. Next year, Alex will be tasked with sending a piece of his heart or soul to another family member in this box along with a special keepsake note.

The other box was gifted by Kristin, to her sister, Heidi. Kristin's note left not a dry eye in the room. Her gift to her sister, besides a note of many special times and places shared as we moved around the country was paired with her old...and I mean OLD Mickey Mouse comforter which is now about 35 years old and which has travelled with Kristin from home to home, in both good and bad times. It kept her warm when she lived in her car and has travelled the country with her, keeping her warm and reminding her of better times. This past year, Kristin had the comforter repaired and patched by her mother in law, who did a miraculous job with fabric so old.

As many of you know, Heidi has been experiencing tough times with seizures and coming to grips with what she now calls her, "new normal." Kristin gave her a snuggle blanket to keep her warm, while protecting and comforting her as she weathers these hard times.

Heidi will give someone a treasure of hers this next Christmas. These notes will last into history and the specialness of giving of self has been so wonderful amidst the commercial gluttony that has become Christmas. We stop and give thanks and sharing ourselves is so memorable and so cherished. Love traditions.

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