Sunday, December 25, 2011

Jerky Making

One of our new friends, made here while in Caseville, is Dennis Sturtz, husband of my friend, Kat and an area chef and caterer. He and Richard got together the other day to make some duck and goose jerky, using an old recipe that a former employee, Barry Pratt, gave to Richard about 20 years ago. Dennis and Richard made the marinade and then, Dennis came back to our home the next day to get the meat strips into the smoker...and then, back he came for the final reveal and taste testing.

Richard checking the duck and goose strips to see if properly leatherized and toughened up for jerky eating. They weren't back they went into the smoker til the next morning.

And here we are with many, many strips of duck and goose jerky which family and friends are now enjoying.

Tough to see, but on th counter to th left of the meat is a tall, footed, canning jar which was a gift from some friends from Tegucigalpa days who remembered that I drink my wine out of jelly or canning jars. This is a Kerr canning jar, atop a pedestal and which came with canning lid and seal and a tag indicating that this is a "redneck wine glass." Love it. Another friend and neighbor up here, Kathy Harris gave me another is a footed candlestick holder which was delivered for my birthday with the same note on it. Now, this canning jar, unlike the candlestick holder...holds SOME wine!

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