Thursday, December 1, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

Thanksgiving was lots of of the best was our littlest grandaughter, Layne, who will be two this coming week. Layne kept resting, playing and trying to fit herself and her babies into our dog bed which our neighbor just gave us this summer. Layne had the doggie blanket, which is Alex's baby blanket and then, she would pull her babies and her own pink blankie into the tiny bed and curl up.

We always have an adult table and a kids' table because we don't have a table big enough for everyone. This year, we didn't even have a card table for the kids, so we just used a nasty plastic yard table. Poor Kenz...16 and still at the kids' table. Poor Alex...he will be there at 22 this Christmas. Can't wait.

We do the holidays casually, as you can see. Pat is standing and Chris is the man in orange. Heidi is reaching for something Chris is passing and it looks like Kristin is playing with her boob. NOT sure. Richard is the bald man with grey hair.

Because the girls try to have holidays with their in-laws, and so we can get together, we celebrate when convenient. Richard and I don't care when, we care about who is with us. So, we decided to have the family get together the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Richard and I had a small pork roast with some roasted butternut squash...yummy. And then, Friday, Heidi and Chris and their kids arrived, followed by Kristin and Pat and their three kids' arrival on Saturday. Heidi brought the traditional cheese pies, but one had gone air borne, flying out of her fridge. Not to be deterred, she picked it up and brought it and that broken pie was dessert for our Friday night rib dinner. Pat brought his famous meatballs...pounds of them and I am still eating them. I was selfish and kept the leftovers for us!

Richard took the kids fishing on Saturday and they all caught some fish which they were pretty proud of...they weren't "keepers" but who cares? A fun time was had by all. And Kenz took the boys and Addison to a movie on Saturday evening, so we all had some quiet time. That girl is worth her weight in gold.

Oh, speaking of weight...I wore my skinny jeans that Kenz helped me pick out used at the Salvation Army. I was feeling mighty fine...skinny jeans, nice shell and sweater. Lookin good. Kristin leaned over and grabbed what I guess was a bunch o fabric that was hanging from my skinny jeans and suggested I get some that fit. I cried. Silly, but I was feeling good and they didn't notice. I was pretty embarrassed at my reaction but as the girls pointed out...I am still the overweight woman I was in my mind. I see fat. I feel fat. And when she grabbed me, I remembered my mother doing that to me when I was a pudgy kid. Instant flashback and it wasn't pretty.

All in all...we had a super time. Heidi has a new camera and took some great photos...not sure where they are but will add some as I can. My grandkids are a joy and they will all soon be too big to cuddle.

Oh, Logan, our oldest grandson called to let us know that he has been offered a great financial aid incentive package at Kettering, here in Flint. Am excited for him and hoping we will see him when Alex gets home from Alaska. Love this time of year. Big decision....where DO we take the grandkids for their grandma trips this year? The jury is out!

Now, the cheese pie dessert was the highlight of our Friday dinner. We decided to pass the pie plate around the table, with each person scooping up a spoonful of the pie as the plate passed. Yes, each had his/her own spoon and we decided to make the pie look like an hourglass shape and we thought we'd show Kristin and tell her that this is what happened when it came outta the fridge.

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