Friday, June 19, 2009

Sisters' Week

Left to right, oldest to youngest: Teresa, Linda, Cindy and Sheryl.

We have had a wonderful week here in Massanutten, Virginia. The mountains are glorioous, the weather a bit chilly and the wildlife very special indeed. We have seen fox, ground hogs, possum, turtles and deer. No bear, but there are a ton here, or so we are told.

Best is that we have had time to catch up on each other's children (now adults, mostly) and also on friends and grandchildren. We have laughed and cried together as we shared stories of our trials and our tribulations as well as the family successes.

More photos coming of my nephew, Kyle, the only young person with us. Kyle plays native American flutes very, very well and I cannot express how tranquil it is to come back from a walk and hear the flute music reflected off the mountain and in synch with the nature surrounding us.

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