Saturday, June 20, 2009


Here is part of a trail that Sheryl and Linda and I hiked.

There is so much about our sisters' week that I have forgotten to share. First day, I asked my sisters what they would like for hors d'oeuvres? They all looked at each other, laughing. They indicated that only I eat hors d'oeuvres and they only eat them when they are with me or at one of our homes. We had them almost every night and they laughed their butts off.

And then, when hiking with Linda, I almost stepped on a copperhead snake. She was quite impressed that I didn't go all girly, faint and/or run in the other direction. Ha...I can be an outdoorswoman...see me roar!

I lost two pounds while away which is amazing. It had to have been the water aerobics. Bought some weights and am getting in the pool every day to continue that workout...especially the arms.

And while at Linda's house, we moved some furniture so Ned can navigate the house better in his wheel chair. Now, Linda, the nurse, has had some interesting experiences and travels but nothing prepared me for the several foot long/high pink pig sitting on her hearth. This piggy is a bank but truly is unusual...not the normal living room feature found in the south.

The trip to Costco was memorable. We drove into town and when we arrived, Sheryl wanted gas. She unfortunately had no money, no credit cards and no driver's license with her. We searched the car, finding pockets of stray money but not the $400 she said she had. Back to the condo, searching commenced and, she found her staff. My youngest sister is very organized but a tad messy. And then, back into town to Costco where we bought fruit and muffins to create "trail magic."

We went on our last day to a section of the Appalachian Trail where we left fruit high in the tree so the bears wouldn't get it. While arranging the food, we ran into two through hikers: Bubbles, a very unbubbly young man and his wife, Birdy, who got her name from waving off offending birds. Hikers get named as they go along by others and they refer to each other in this anonymous way. Interesting and both people had been on the trail awhile with no shower. Very friendly and very thankful to eat fresh fruit and muffins. Apparently, those who have hiked the Trail go back and leave treats for those who are on the trail later. I like this "giving back."

Made my reservations for Kenya today and am trying quickly to get ready for that trip.

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