Saturday, June 13, 2009

Sisters' Week

My sisters and I are in Massanutten, Virginia for a week of reconnecting, laughs and time to enjoy each other. Today, my sister, Linda and I, went on a 4 mile hike in the mountains...rocky, steep and altogether wonderful. Linda hiked the whole Appalachian Trail, much of it on her own in 2005. She was being kind to me today. We saw deer, a scarlet tanager, gopher and I almost stepped on a copperhead snake...just a three footer! And then, this afternoon, I saw the most adorable spotted fawn near our condo. We just don't see deer in Florida and since there is no hunting here, the deer are very visible and not easily spooked.

We later went to the clubhouse and gym, using the sauna, weights and machines. Feeling very virtous and Lord knows...all of us need the exercise. Went into town (well, Elkton cannot be called a "town") and shopped at the Food Lion. Quite a dive with some of the most colorful, yet friendly help, I have ever seen in a grocery store.

Linda has to work tomorrow and will be back Monday. Cyn leaves tomorrow morning and Sheryl and I are planning to do the hike together. I would expect we will have a rather laid back day and I plan to catch up on all of the health related articles I was sent by ICFJ...need to get ready for the upcoming Africa trip.

All in day. I spent quite a bit of time looking at the mountains. I could live here...oh, I could also live in Colombia and about 16 other places. What I am learning is...I want to live somewhere other than Florida, and pretty soon.

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