Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Maite: The Wanderer

So, based upon family and friends' recommendations, I am back to blogging. I will try to keep updated every few days. Photos seem to be needed regularly so will work on that. Most recently, I sent out a letter telling you all about my experiences here in Cartagena, Colombia. I love this country and cannot imagine a better place to live and work. The people are warm. The ocean is pristine. The breezes powerful and the hotel I stay in, Las Americas is a five star enterprise. NO clue if it really is but what makes it special is the customer service. I know all of the staff by name and they are so welcoming....they see I am back and remember my name and my peculiarities.

For example: I need/want my newspaper before 6:00 a.m. each morning. I really want it at 5:30 so I can read every word and be prepared for our stand up critique of our "baby" every morning. Reading in another language isn't easy and I absolutely have to be better informed than the rest of the group. So, I pour over this every morning, reading every word, looking for every opportunity to improve.

What is fun is that I get my paper around 5:3O a.m. every day but the other customers get theirs later...around 7:30 which is way too late for me. Today, the paper was late and at 6:15 a.m. it hadn't arrived at the hotel, so I went to eat breakfast and the reception clerk ran it down to the restaurant for me around 6:45 with many apologies.

We have cool parrots here...and many are able to talk. Sunday, I had gotten a Las Americas towel to take to the beach and was returning it so I wouldn't be charged. I didn't see the parrot standing near the cash register and as I leaned against the counter, the parrot said, "no puede!" As aren't able to do that. I about died laughing and he kind of cackled back at me. I will upload some photos so you can see the guy and see where I am staying.

More later....luego.

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