Sunday, June 7, 2009

Gerardo's Finca

His finca, or country home is in Turbaco, about 35 minutes away from the newspaper. This was his in-law's home and he bought it and rennovated it. As you can see, it is gorgeous. Artwork simply stunning and the views are breathtaking. I was a bit bothered by the large cowhide on the floor but everyone ignored it and walked on it. I couldn't...seemed wrong. I felt totally special to be invited in to see this part of his life. And his father, quite an accomplished man himself, came into the office the other day and I met him. He has written a book...Seeds of Wisdom and I enjoyed talking with him a moment. He has been an ambassador, author, columnist, owner of many, many businesses and his best work...father of eight and husband. Great sense of humor. Gerardo's brother, Fernando is running for President of the country.

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