Friday, July 26, 2013

Juneau, Alaska

 I haven't been to Alaska in several years and I forgot how pristine and gorgeous this place is. The scenery is outrageously spectacular. From the glacier bed seen here to the ice covered mountain tops, there is nothing to not like and enjoy. If you want cold and ice...they have it. If you want greenery and lush it. Want wildlife...check. Gorgeous indigenous craftwork...done.


One problem we are having which is a bit unsettling for me and which our son has adapted to very well is the lack of connectivity. I find it frustrating that I cannot make a call when I want. I now understand why his calls are always made to us on the way to or from work. The mountains just get in the way of reception. An issue that I think, with time, I could trade for the wonderful views.

 We walked out over this seaweed and the rocks to get out to a fishing area. Richard and Alex have been able to fish almost every day and sometimes...twice per day. It is truly a blessing to have lived long enough to see our son enjoy a sport and activity that his father tried to share with him when he was younger and which he absolutely hated and wouldn't try. Today, he is eager to head out and Richard has brought him many a fishing pole, lures and more.  Poking our way carefully over this rock beach took some doing. I worried that I might fall and break my already hurting back....but did just fine. "Beach" is used quite a bit here and we actually did visit a sandy beach which was immediately covered quickly by the rising tide.

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