Friday, July 26, 2013

Alaskan wildlife

While we were out hopping over rocks to get to a primo fishing spot, we ran across this huge anemone. Really could see it "breathing." And, we have been on the look out for a bear to photograph and while we did see a small cinnamon bear, a black bear but brown, around a turn in the road, we couldn't get a shot at him because the car scared him off.
It is very common to spot bald eagles everywhere. Saw one yesterday with what Alex thought was about a five pound salmon in his beak. Very cool. There is a huge eagle building a nest near Annie's deck and Richard keeps seeing him carrying huge sticks and what looks like seaweed. Haven't viewed the nest yet, but we are trying to locate it.
We have seen quite a few stellar seals...huge, several hundred pounds a piece. Saw one on our breadline hike yesterday. This photo is of the stellar seals snuggled up in a buoy which we saw the other day when we were out. These guys somehow climb up into this buoy and settle in. Fascinating is the one that climbed up to the middle of the buoy. He was dead asleep.

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