Saturday, October 15, 2011

Going out on the town....

My birthday week has turned out to be so much fun...but one filled with lunches and dinners out, which is NOT good for the diet but great for the soul. I had a luncheon with two Caseville friends, followed by a lunch with an old friend I worked with at The Flint Journal. Dianne and I laughed and reconnected. Then, last night, I met David, our stock broker and his wife, Lonnie at Cranberries in Goodrich for dinner. My plan had been to wear this black sweater and black pants but the shirt I brought was my "pinch me, squeeze me and make me whine" shirt I bought during sisters' week in Pigeon Forge and NOT what I wanted to wear out to dinner.

Girls confab resulted and McKenzie and Heidi decided I could try this top of Heidi's which Kenz had worn to school yesterday. It is a size medium and I have NEVER worn that size...well, maybe when I was 12. So, they had me pop it on and we were laughing so hard. I just whipped my t-shirt off in the living room and Kenz helped me put this skinny thing on. We liked it and so off to dinner I went. They accessorized my outfit by popping a bracelet from Costa Rica. Looked not so bad for an old girl.

Now this fashion production followed our shopping trip to the Salvation Army where Kenz watched me try on about 8 pair of jeans to see if they looked appropriate or not. Bought two pair which are two sizes smaller than those Kenz helped me buy at the same Salvation Army store in Davison three months ago. Feeling good for an old fart! What would I do without great women in my life???

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