Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Why we are still in Michigan...or so we dare to believe~

The past few weeks have been filled with family and fall adventures. I made my first stuffed pumpkin which was easy to make and delicious. This pumpkin was donated to the cause by my grandson, Owen, who was on his way to Florida and wasn't going to be able to carve this goody he received on his field trip. I stayed over at Kristin and Pat's home the night before they left so they could head out very early and not disturb Layne, who will soon be two. She stayed home so her sister and brother could enjoy Disney World.

While at Kristin and Pat's, I was able to meet "noche" their black cat. Pat wasn't sure I knew what that word meant in Spanish and Kristin and I just chuckled. I asked why they didn't call the kitty "negro" and he was appalled. He couldn't call his cat NE-GROW and I suggested the pronunciation was Neg-ro and meant black in Spanish. Pat remembered having a childhood pet, whose name was negro and pronounced NOT the Spanish way...they shortened that name to make it even less desireable. We all agreed NOCHE was a much better name all around. NO confusion. NO opportunity to laugh or make fun or be disrespectful.

Despite the crappy weather, I have been enjoying our kids and grandkids. Although, stupid me...when I went to Owen and Addison's jazz and hip hop dance classes the afternoon before they left...I did not take my camera. I did laugh my ass off at all these kids earnestly trying to dance and execute moves that really were not happening. Kristin asked if I remembered when she danced...I did. She was a beautiful and accomplished dancer until she realized her boobs would only continue growing. She did not enjoy the blossoming which was all too apparent in her leotards and stopped dancing.

I did make it to an outdoor soccer game of Chase's and here he is as goalie. Six year olds are fun to watch and I was reminded of Alex's first soccer team. One of the Indian boys on his team grew weary and sat down mid-field and picked dandelions. Very fun.

Made it also to one of Kenz' soccer games. She is the young lady far to the right with ponytail a flyin and wearing the bright orange shoes. She is a very gifted player and hopes for either an academic or sports scholarship...both of which are serious possibilities. This girl is talented, focused and organized. Oh, she is my grandaughter and her mother's child. Aren't I proud??

Chase is blessed to have many grandparents...besides the biological ones. Here are grandma Rosie, grandpa Dar, parents of a friend of Chris' who served with him in Iraq. I am the bundled up mess with a purple hat, and green blankie. Froze our asses off. Heidi is laughing her butt off at how horrid of a picture she knows this will be. Yup...loving being near my kids.

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