Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The day from hell....

Began when I decided to open up all of the Christmas gift bins from Florida and Michigan and put the gift items on our king sized be. The result was this horrendous pile o'stuff collected from around the world for people I love and for whom I wanted great and unusual surprises. Well...surprise I got. This is two bins worth of stuff and there were three more bins to unpack, sort through and decide...ummm, just who did I have in mind when I purchased x item and was it for Christmas or was it a birthday item?

Disasterous...and I seriously sat down and thought that what was needed for Teresa, NOW, would be a 12 step program similar to that offered to alcoholics and drug users. I am addicted to gifting but I forgot that I had to actually wrap it all and make sense of the chaos. Out of chaos will arise Christmas, 2011 plus Alex, Layne and Pat's birthdays!

The day from hell actually began with the smoke detectors going off at 7 a.m. for seemingly no reason. Wood burner had been opened at 5:30 when I let the dogs out and was refilled with no excess smoke escaping. Everything as usual...except the screeching which occure at 7 a.m. followed immediately by Paco, Luna and Chica howling and racing around the house. I finally called my neighbor to see if Bob could figure this out...Richard was in the Upper Peninsula deer hunting. Bob was asleep but Trish came over and after we two could not get it to stop, she threw the fuse switch and silence was regained. NOW, the issue was...what if I had an issue with a fire after the switch was shut off? Think I would be able to sleep that night?

After I finished my usual pot of coffee and showered, I began baking because I do work ahead what with two holidays fast approaching. Around 10 a.m. I realized I hadn't seen Luna in awhile and called for her. She cried but I couldn't tell where she was. After looking in every closet, under beds, chairs, outside on the decks, I was stymied. She wouldn't bark but her soft crying was getting to me. Finally, in our bathroom, I realized her little whimpering was coming from behind the shower door which I had closed when cleaning. Poor baby.

By now, the wash was almost done and I had a load of doggie blankets getting spiffed up for the holiday. Chica's yellow blanket disintegrated and I had yellow fluff bound to my black yoga pants, flying out of the washer and soon, the dryer vent onto the grass, the deck, and into the laundry room. What a mess and really, said I, what else could go wrong?

Let me share the next issue...one of the dogs kept puking by the back door. I had taken them out but one threw up on the hall runner. No sweat...cleaned it up. An hour later, another puke spot on the green rug in the laundry room. Cleaning it up again. A bit later, another blob found on the mat in front of the door...now, I am NOT stupid. I was watching to see which doggie had issues and was also taking them out more often than usual. NEVER found out which was the culprit but around 2 p.m. the puking stopped. At 10:00 a.m. I seriously wanted a glass of wine and I NEVER drink that early. I didn't but I wanted it badly! Thankfully, I did sleep and the wood burner chugged away. NO issues the next day but really, what more could have happened?

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