Thursday, October 13, 2011

Last Sunday...Charity Island

Mike Quinn, the island cruise pilot invited us to go on a last cruise for fun. He used to camp and hike on the island when a young man and he has wanted to hike around the island one more time. Richard and I went and we invited a new friend, Kat Sturtz to also go with us on our day trip and probably the last day we had this season that was gloriously sunny and 80 degrees.
When we were working, there was no time to see anything other than the lighthouse. So, the hike was to be an adventure and it was. Unfortunately, Mike hadn't that there are no paths on the we hiked through brush and walked over slippery rocks coated with muck or fungi. That Mike knows the island was helpful and we aimed for the "inland lake" which he knew from past experience. Here is it..mucky and with low water level but framed by colorful fall foliage.

Kat and Richard are found here slowly picking through the rocks. They found some gorgeous geodes and some rocks with mica, granite and who knows what else.

This is the best of the brush we walked through and that it was fall made the trek better than what we would have experienced in June or July.

At some point in the circumnavigation, Richard suggested we hike through the island's it is and it was easier to hike and beautiful.

Miles later, we got back to the dock. Great day spent with good folks and I am looking forward to next season on the boat!

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