Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The past weekend: one of wandering

This past Saturday, I went for a walk here in Caseville and met up with Captain Mike, pictured here. We went for about an 8 mile hike around Caseville country roads. Danay, the young lady you see here was someone I also worked with on the Charity Island Cruise boat this summer, but she does not play a role in my wanderings this past weekend. So, Mike and I were walking on Crescent Beach road along the shoulder and a car came screeching behind us slamming across the road, narrowly missing us. Mike jumped down into a culvert. I didn't. The car was trying to avoid a tiny white dog that was in the road with two little girls fast on his tail. Moron driving the car did not even stop. Doggie was not hit but went running down the road. I picked him up, waiving at the girls to stay on the other side of the road.

When I got to the girls, I asked, "is your mommy or daddy home?" "Mommy left and daddy is at work," I was told. "Any other adult here?" "No." These girls are maybe 6 and 4 and I was concerned that they were alone with wild lose doggie. So, I took them to the porch, looking for a rope or a chain for the dog and a woman tore out of the back door yelling. She had heard the car screeching and my voice yelling at the girls and came to check. This was NOT mommy or daddy...I had asked the wrong question. And she wasn't an "adult;" rather she was the "old lady" who takes care of them. Am betting she was 40 and was dying to ask the older girl how she would describe ME!

All were fine and the hike continued but I had worn my new tennis shoes and when I left home, my plan was for a short two mile hike. Oh well...gorgeous fall day.

Sunday, Captain Mike and I were taking the cruise boat over to Charity Island and Richard, seen here and Kat, a new friend of mine, went along. Richard actually piloted the boat most of the way back...and he had a ball. I have done this but only with the pilot wheel bungy corded in place by Mike. Richard can do this the officially sanctioned way. I cannot navigate! More on the Sunday adventures....later.

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