Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sisters' Week...Pigeon Forge, Tennessee

This year, we went to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee and stayed at one of Sheryl's time share properties which was luxurious. We had lovely amenities, a pool and hot tub as well as a gym. The ladies went tubing one afternoon...I had to sit it out due to my fall a couple of weeks earlier which rendered my arm useless.
I walked along the river, watching the ladies get stuck on the rocks. Like any good Boy Scout, Sheryl took control and helped the older sisters out of a tough situation. My youngest sister has been a Boy Scout leader since her days at MSU and is still an outdoorsy kinda gal. Here, Lyn, with hand on her butt and Cyn, have had to stand up and walk on the slippery rocks to navigate down river.

After the tubing, we decided to try to find a restaurant and ended up finding a cluster of shops that were closed...but this place with the cool wood carving, Sister Cats Cafe, was open. The owners and cook were sitting on the porch and we were their first customers of the day. The restaurant held four tables and all were full within 30 minutes of our arrival. We ate the most scrumptious sandwiches, delivered by the cook to our table, cut in fourths so we could each share the other's choice.

This week was very appeared to be an outdoorsy, healthy event. Lyn had lost a lot of weight at Weight Watchers and Sheryl brought us belly dancing belts and a DVD to show us how to shake our booty. That and the hula DVD made us laugh ourselves silly but they were difficult...we followed that by trying the Biggest Loser Challenge DVD which we all said we would purchase and do at home so we could all do the whole thing next year together.
Exercising in the room was a huge hit...notice Sheryl in her long dress/nightie which she exercised in. The rest of us had shorts or work out togs...but Sheryl preferred the dress. Go figure. Lyn's behind is in black and Cyn is in the purple. I couldn't do the push ups or the kneeling exercises due to knee issues but was super good at all of the leg kicks and the running in place. Did lots of walking also.

And truly, this is how we all looked every day, every hour of our time together. We laughed our butts off about this or that.

Very fun was the day we got home after two hours at the gym and hot tub to find our front door was open. Nothing was taken but we were very concerned. Sheryl's computer and more were in the room and just as we were calling, someone slammed a near by door and our door popped open again. Repair men came quickly and no other issues.

For those of you who never met my she is times four. Funny how we have started to look like mom and each other. Even our hair styles are merging. Cyn embroidered beautiful shirts for each of us which we wore one day...kinda looked strange but then, people in Pigeon Forge/Gatlinburg area are not the most cosmopolitan. We fit in...scary.

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