Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Summer: heating up!

After sister's week, my sisters began coming to visit us here at the cottage in Michigan. Sheryl, her husband and their daughter arrived only to leave and be replaced by my sister, Linda who is here holding ONE of the many Walleye she and Richard caught one day while boating. Linda's husband, Ned and I stayed home and yacked and enjoyed a day without our mates.

For those of you who have never eaten Walleye, it is one of the best fresh water fish ever eaten. Mild, tasty and we are pigging out on it frequently. Linda no more than left than Richard's buddies, Mike and Barry came up and they did what men do...fished. Bunch more fish in the freezer.

While Lois was up visiting, we went to meet my friend, Peggy, who has a drum circle going on Friday evenings. Last year, my nephew helped these ladies with their flutes and their drums and one of the ladies I do not know mentioned they needed to get that young man from last year back. Laughingly, I told them that he was my nephew and wasn't coming this summer to our home. Nice group of ladies and Lois, below began shaking her instrument and is now thinking about reconnecting with her love of the flute.

Had lots of laughs with Lois and while she was here, we went out to Sandpoint to visit our friend, Barb, who had had back surgery and who wasn't feeling so perky. Took some chili and had lunch with her and went to see "weed man" and his work on his new house. Lots of laughs...miss the friends we made at The Flint Journal where Barb, Lois and I worked together.

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